Jazzinc 1/6 Batman vs Superman Batmobile

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The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile is finally available in ⅙ scale for the collector community in all it’s intimidating glory. And while the vehicle itself is alone worth admiring, this limited Signature Edition also features the handwritten signatures of director Zack Snyder and famed production (and Batmobile) designer Patrick Tatopoulos. Which makes this vehicle a must for every Snyderverse fan.

Designed and developed according to the exact schematics, the BvS Batmobile includes functioning canopy doors, light-up features in the headlights, rotating steering wheels that control the front tires, a hyper detailed light-up cockpit, and full body weathering and paint amongst many other accuracies.

But like all things truly worth coveting in this hobby, this special offering is limited in nature; only 250 pieces available worldwide, and once they’re gone, they’re gone–there will be no restoring this part of the Snyderverse.

Parts of the proceeds will be donated to the AFSP. Our charity of choice is the American fund for suicide prevention and mental health.

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⅙ Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile Signature Edition includes:

  • Opening canopy doors
  • Detailed cockpit interior
  • Rubber tires
  • Rotating Tires
  • Front suspension action on springs
  • Poseable connected steering front wheels
  • Light-up features in the cockpit
  • Light-up headlights
  • Fully painted and weathered